Using Passkeys on Learn360


One of the many ways Learn360 allows you to setup an account is through the use of a Passkey code. Passkeys allow schools to grant access to teachers quickly and effectively. Allowing teachers the ability to register themselves takes less than one minute and removes the burden of establishing accounts from the Administration and Tech teams. We have found it also promotes teachers to set up their own account using information that resonates with them and will be easier to remember.

Once a school has purchased Learn360, they can share the pass keys with teachers and students and within minutes they can be logging in to Learn360 to search all available media resources.

Using Learn360 Passkeys:

You will find the Passkeys within the new Admin Portal.  Once you are signed in, please find the Learn360 product under My Resources.   To retrieve your Passkey, please click on the Product Settings button and choose Authentication from the dropdown.





Passkeys consist of a number sequence, plus the accounts state, plus a letter abbreviation for the role:  Teacher or Student. 




If you are a consortia or district, you can also find passkeys for other institutions inside the Institutions & Users section.




Where Do I Enter Passkeys?

Passkeys can be entered on the main login page. Click on the Passkey tab as shown below and paste your code into the box.  Entering a passkey will redirect the person to the create account page.








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