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Learn360 offers many different ways for users to browse for content. Using the main menu option that is available in the top left corner of every page, users can easily access the following:


Browse By:

Content Types -

Clicking on any of the below content types will redirect you to a robust section containing a more granular view of the content selected. Each section contains a Featured landing page and a multitude of addtional sub-pages.

  • Videos
  • Interactives
  • Printables
  • Audio
  • Maps & Flags


Calendar -

Selecting Calendar from this menu redirects you to a complete calendar page containing timely topics, holidays, famous people, etc, all linked to resources. The current month will be at the top of the page and automatically rotates. Clicking on any event will take you to a list of all resources in your account related to the specific calendar item.



Premium Collections:

Not shown in screenshots on this page. If you subscribe to the Classroom Video On Demand collection, or Criterion On Demand collection (Canada only), they will be listed in a "Premium Collections" section directly below the Calendar.



Active Grade Range:

Use these options to toggle the grade levels of the content shown. By default, your account will be preselected with the range that matches what we have on file for your account. For more information, please consult the grade range help article.

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