Searching for Topic Centers


Searching for Topic Centers

Learn360 Topic Centers enhance the discoverability of  Learn360’s ready-to-use K-12 content. Within an extensive library of content assets, Learn360 topic centers provide a curated repository for aligned resources for classroom instruction. Learn360 Topic Centers are visible to Teachers and Administrators, but not student accounts. Learn360 Topic Centers can be accessed through the two primary search mechanisms. 

  1. Basic Search
  2. Advanced Search

1. Basic Search - Queries entered in the keyword search bar surface all titles, segments, series and assets and returns them in a basic search result that can be further refined through filtering. The initial contents of the results is based on your account settings, and can include: titles only, segments only, or all results (which co-mingles titles, segments and also series in the results).


The basic search is found in the header of all pages within the platform.



Once the search is performed, you will be presented with a series of tabs, separating out the various content types available on Learn360.  Each tab contains a unique set of filters. A new icon tab has been added to the series of tabs to showcase the Learn360 Topic Centers. The target icon represents the Topic Centers and allows users to pinpoint content across assets for specific themes and topics.


Subject and grade filters are exposed by default. Additional filters can be found by clicking on the More Filters option.



2. Advanced Search - allows for more advanced queries, with pre-filtering options for subject, producer, date added, etc. Advanced Search can be accessed by clicking on the link below the basic search box. Search Basics - Advanced Search. Within the Advanced Search page, there is a new filter option for Topic Centers.



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